1. Workshops | E.P. Chan & Associates


    E.P. Chan & Associates - Quantitative Trading Strategist ... Course outline can be downloaded here. _____ Ernie also offers in-person workshops in London, September ...

  2. Beginner's Guide to Quantitative Trading | QuantStart


    How to get started with quantitative trading either for a job interview at a fund or for implementing your own retail strategy.

  3. QuantStart - Algorithmic Trading, Quantitative Trading ...


    Algorithmic trading strategies, backtesting and implementation with C++, Python and pandas.

  4. Books | E.P. Chan & Associates


    Ernie’s third and latest book Machine Trading: Deploying Computer Algorithms To Conquer the Markets covers a variety of advanced quantitative trading

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    EPAT™ is an Algorithmic Trading Course designed for Quants, Traders & Developers to enable them to write their own Automated, Quantitative & High Frequency trading ...

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    Digital and traditional custom publishing solutions for higher ed: iPad App, multimedia, course packs, textbooks, copyright services, and business cases.

  7. High-frequency trading - Wikipedia


    In financial markets, high-frequency trading (HFT) is a type of algorithmic trading characterized by high speeds, high turnover rates, and high order-to-trade ratios ...

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    Moving average is one of the most widely used technical indicators for validating the movement of markets. Learn about the moving average strategies in this article.

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    Professional money management specializing in the global commodity and financial futures markets.

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    Features articles that reflect the increasing use of quantitative methods in finance and the growth in practical applications of financial engineering such as asset ...